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michelle mossPregnancy – it is the best of times and it is the worst of times where the expectant mother is concerned.  Women are happy about their motherhood but are also worried about their weight gain, which impacts on both their physical health and their mental perception of being sexy even when looking like a stuffed waddling duck.  Enter Michelle Moss and her useful e-book Pregnancy Without Pounds.

Meet the Author

Moss is a certified nutritionist and health coach with expertise in holistic nutrition.  These credentials in the health sector lend credibility to her authorship of an e-book with emphasis on good nutrition to attain healthy weight levels during the stages of pregnancy.  Of course, there is other useful information contained in the e-book, which will be discussed later on, but it is good nutrition that serves as the hub in the wheel, so to speak.

But Michelle Moss is not just another nutrition expert with plenty of things to say. She focuses on the experiences that her target market of pregnant women is going through.  After all, we are more likely to believe in a person who has survived similar trials for which we are seeking the solutions for instead of someone who is all talk but has no experience to back it up.  This is all to true for the concerns, issues and worries that plague women in their pregnancy phases.

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Anyway, Moss has also experienced pregnancy including the worries of gaining weight during the nine month period and then the fear of not losing it after the delivery of the baby.  In her capacity as a nutritionist and her actual experience in pregnancy, she wrote the Pregnancy Without Pounds e-book to help women in similar situations.

Things to Expect

What can pregnant women expect from Michelle Moss and her e-book?  Well, we shall be bold as to venture in saying that the e-book is a comprehensive, complete and insightful guide on how to maintain a healthy weight from month one until month nine of the pregnancy so as to maintain optimal health.

To be more specific, the following are just a few of the subjects contained in the e-book:

  • Ways to maintain a healthy weight so that weight loss after the pregnancy is easier and faster
  • Types of exercises safe for pregnant women while still providing for core strengthening benefits, which are essential toward easier labor and birth
  • Methods in speeding up weight loss after pregnancy
  • Steps in preventing acne, cellulite and stretch marks
  • Ways to prevent sagging breasts

And of course, Michelle Moss offers a key dietary supplement with various benefits including the lessening of hunger pangs and improving of moods. Both of these benefits are well-appreciated by women who had to put up with these signs in their previous pregnancies.

Aside from the e-book itself, the package contains other generous bonuses.  These include an exercise manual for pregnant women, an exercise journal and a weight gain manager.

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But what’s more exciting about the e-book is the opportunity to actually get in touch with Michelle Moss!  You can then ask questions related to pregnancy that you may have been too shy to ask others and instantly get answers.  Now that’s what we can call a personalized service that other e-books cannot offer.

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