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lisa olsonInfertility is a thorny issue for one in every five couples who have been trying and failing to produce a healthy child.  Many medical and surgical methods have been proposed to conquer infertility with many not even offering the 100% guarantee of success despite the ultra-expensive costs of the tests, medications and operations.  Fortunately, the likes of Lisa Olson offer hope to many possibly infertile couples that becoming pregnant can be achieved without the bankruptcy-inducing assisted reproduction technology procedures.

Meet the Author

Olson, the author of Pregnancy Miracle, wears many hats with distinction.  She is a natural fertility expert, a nutrition specialist and a health consultant who has and continues to research on infertility.  Her approach to infertility is a holistic one instead of focusing on just one aspect, which is grounded on her proven conviction that the subject of fertility is a reflection of the individual’s overall health as well as being the result of specific causes.

Unlike other so-called fertility experts who have never suffered from infertility in the first place, Lisa Olson has struggled with the condition for 14 years before finally achieving success using her own methods contained in the e-book.  Despite the gloomy predictions of doctors, she managed to beat the odds of her infertility and gave birth to two healthy children while in her 40s.

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E-Book Explained

The results of Olson’s efforts in research and actual experience resulted in the e-book Pregnancy Miracle, which has been the subject of countless reviews from fertility experts and actual users.  The pages of this e-book contain the following information, among others:

  • Physiological anatomy of the male and female reproductive system as well as how each part relates to the whole puzzle
  • Infertility causes, signs and treatment for both the man and woman in terms of medical science
  • Alternative treatment options for infertility particularly from the perspective of  ancient Chinese medicine

Most importantly, Lisa Olson generously shares her five-step plan for successful pregnancy.  These steps can be considered as the anchor that ties up the rest of the chapters into a cohesive whole.  Also, Olson shares information on how best to deal with special circumstances that prevent normal fertility.

Praises for the E-Book

The Pregnancy Miracle e-book has garnered praises for the efficacy of the methods contained in it.  Many expectant mothers and first-time mothers who previously thought they were infertile greatly benefited from the adoption of the system in their fertility efforts.

Lisa Olson proposed methods that are effective even when the woman is:

  • 40 years of age (The older a woman gets, the lesser her fertility becomes)
  • Diagnosed with structural defects in her reproductive system including endometriosis, ovarian cysts and tubal obstruction (These physical defects prevent the proper release of the eggs in preparation for ovulation)
  • Undergoing conventional infertility treatments as recommended by medical science

The methods in the Pregnancy Miracle can be adopted in complementation with the doctor’s recommended infertility treatments or as standalone treatments depending on your individual case.

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Indeed, if Lisa Olson has overcome infertility in her 40s, so can you!  Just make sure you follow the recommended steps outlined in her e-book and your chances for a successful pregnancy will receive a significant boost.

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